Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outfits: Opposites Attract

I had rehearsal today (yes, we work on Sundays. It's a 6 day work week while I'm on contract). We're in the final countdown until the move to the theatre on Thursday. And then I start working 12 hour days for a little while. Best not to think about it until then! :)

I really wanted to wear a dress today, but the wind is gusting to 70 kilometres an hour, so I figured pants were a safer bet (ah, life on the prairies!).

I've never worn this outfit before and it may become a work standby! I really love the mix of jeans and boots with the tweed blazer, blouse and vintage hat. It's like the mullet of outfits: Business on top, Party on the bottom ...that may be the stupidest thing I've ever written on this blog! lol!!

Anyway...before I type anything else stupid, here's my new favourite outfit:

Apologies for the weird lighting in the first few photos...the sun is starting to set here around 7:30, so around 5-5:30 I've got direct sunlight into my living room and I had to use the flash to compensate. More to learn about my camera I suppose...

40's Grey Felt Hat w/Feather Pom: Ruby Slipper
Faux Fur Scarf: Ricki's 
Tweed Blazer: Laura
Print Blouse w/Bow: Laura
50's Sweater Pin: Vintage Glory
Grey Denim: Ricki's
Black Leather Boots: Thrifted, Value Village

Have a great week! 


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