Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work in Progress...

I've wanted a vintage bike for years. Two years ago The Boy and I found the perfect bike on eBay: a green 1970 Schwinn Hollywood. By some miracle of God we won it! Cost and shipping put the bike total at around $150 CAD. Not too shabby. 

We received the bike in two boxes, in pieces. The Boy has been slowly taking everything apart and restoring it for the last two years. I have been patiently and eagerly awaiting the day that I get to ride my new old bike. 

And that day is coming very, very soon. Tonight I got to see my bike put together and I got to sit on it for the first time since we bought it!!! It was so exciting! The Boy still has some minor tweeks to make before I take her for the first ride, but we suspect the maiden voyage will be in the next day or two!!!! I can't contain myself! I'm so excited I could cry! 

My beautiful bike is more wonderful than anything I could have ever imaged owning. I am so grateful that I have such an amazing boyfriend who is not only able, but willing to restore this bike for me. It makes it even more special. 

Here are a few sneek peeks of my girl while she sits on the work stand:

 I love the rust and patina. She's getting a mechanical overhaul mostly, the nicks and dings will stay. 

Here's The Boy working hard in our "bike shop" in the basement

Promise I will share all the details when I take her for the first spin! 


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  1. I think it totally fitting that this awesome bike is being restored in a workshop with black and white checkered floor, awesome!


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