Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wishlist: Riding Boots

Fall is here today (we've had summer-like weather all week) and I am lost in thoughts of fall/winter footwear.

Specifically riding boots. I don't currently own a pair. I'm uber picky and haven't found the right pair at the right price in the last few years. I wish I had thought to save some money over the summer (when all I could think about was open toed shoes and wedge sandals...) so I could buy a pair now. But alas, the funds are low...

These 2 pairs from Brown's are really doing it for me right now....Sigh...

This pair would be my first choice. I love the mottled leather. You could wear them with black or brown. And I love the option of pulling them up over your knee for added warmth and cover in the winter. Can't you imagine these with thick tights and a cute flowy feminine dress?

available to purchase here.

As you can see, my second choice is similar, but different. Solid black, with a buckle. This pair is more expensive as well and available in more colours. 

want this pair? buy them here

So anyone reading this who would like to buy me an extra special Christmas gift knows what to get me...size 8 1/2 please.

Anything for fall you're dying to own, but just can't put into the budget right now? 


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