Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What the *!@%!! or Unexpected Places

No my internet friends, I did not fall off the wagon this week. My modem died on Sunday and I had to wait until today to get a repairman in to replace it.
AHHHHH!!  *!#@$&!!!!!!!
I have been pretty upset about missing two days in my challenge. So below is my post from Sunday and I will post yesterday's post later this afternoon. And I'll post today's post later tonight. 3 in 1!!

Let's carry on shall we?

In this post I declared my desire for a white vintage summer dress. Well I've had my eye out since then. The key to a vintage wishlist is patience and persistance.

Last week I found my dress. In the most unlikely place. At Harlequin.

What's so unlikely about this is that Harlequin doesn't sell costumes or vintage clothes. My dress was in the basement with some other unused items and my boss declared it unrentable and unalterable.
I, on the other hand, was in love. It was exactly what I was looking for.
So I offered to buy it. I paid $20.

Here she is:

This is what my hair looks like when I don't straighten or curl it.  

White Cotton Dress: Harlequin Costume and Dance
White Skinny Belt: Ragpickers
Red Peep Toe Pumps: Le Chateau

Upon looking at these photos I'm becoming less enamoured with the sleeves on this dress. It just feels like too much going on with the pintucks, the eyelet detail and the poufy sleeves. I'm thinking I'll just have them removed and make the dress sleeveless. I will definately take after photos and post them.

The lesson in all this? Always have your eyes open. You never know where you'll find treasure!



  1. Oh lucky you, what a lovely dress! I think it will look great sleeveless :).

  2. Gorgeous!
    How about a cap sleeve or a much shorter puff sleeve without the cuff??


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