Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Yesterday Panned Out (Plus Today's Outfit!)

Well here's how I did yesterday:

1. Hem a few vintage dresses. I'm ambitiously hoping to do two. I'll probably get one done.  - Ok. I did only get one done. I've got the second dress prepped to be hemmed, but I did't have the right colour of thread! I've borrowed the right colour from work and will hem the other one tonight. So close  


I really didn't want to hem it too much. I still wanted it to feel like a vintage 50's dress, not short like the modern repros that are out in the world right now. I'm really pleased with the results and feel like the dress looks much more proportional on me now. I don't feel like I'm drowning in the long skirt.
2. Bake some bread. (In the bread machine! hehe!) I started the day off with this one. To get my momentum.
3. Do some laundry
4. Take some dresses to my tailor to get altered.
5. Swiffer (the dog hair likes to collect when I'm not watching)
6. Change the bedding in the Master Bedroom Sunday...everything is bumped to Sunday...
7. Buy a few groceries I forgot to add to my list this weekend
8. Get my hair cut (I have an appointment at 6:30 tonight!)
9. Start sanding my dining room table (this one will probably be bumped to Sunday) Yup, Sunday it is...
10. Take Dave for a walk
11. Post photos of hemmed dress(es?) Didn't make it back home in time last night to get this one done. Today will have to do...I'll post a photo of the other dress this weekend after I hem the other dress.

Not too bad huh? And I felt pretty rested! Yeah for productive days! :)

And today's outfit. It's so gloriously warm out right now this is what I'm wearing:

BTW. What do you think of my hair? Subtle, but good. I really like the bangs! I'm just not used to wearing my hair so straight! Feels so modern! lol!

Butterfly Earrings: Gift
60's Mini Dress: Ruby Slipper
White Belt: Vintage Glory


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  1. Shortening the dress seems to make it hang better! It looks fuller and the drape is better. Beautiful.


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