Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Friday Off, Another List of Projects

I've got today off again. And as usual, I'm wildly ambitious about what I want to accomplish today.

Here's the List:

1. Hem a few vintage dresses. I'm ambitiously hoping to do two. I'll probably get one done.
2. Bake some bread. (In the bread machine! hehe!)
3. Do some laundry
4. Take some dresses to my tailor to get altered.
5. Swiffer (the dog hair likes to collect when I'm not watching)
6. Change the bedding in the Master Bedroom
7. Buy a few groceries I forgot to add to my list this weekend
8. Get my hair cut (I have an appointment at 6:30 tonight!)
9. Start sanding my dining room table (this one will probably be bumped to Sunday)
10. Take Dave for a walk

Ok...when I write it alldown it doesn't seem sooo bad...I get distracted by the t.v. and the computer though. I'm a big believer in rest and over the years have forced myself to take a breather on my days off (I used to go so hard that I'd never stop and only "rest" when I got deathly ill). Sometimes this now works against me. But I don't get nearly as sick as often!

Here are the two dresses I'm hoping to hem today:

Here are the ones I'm taking to the tailor:

You can see them on me here and here.

I'm also hoping to take 'after' photos of the dress(es?) that I get hemmed today and post them later. I guess that's number 11 on the list.

Wish me luck!


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