Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Off

As of two weeks ago I started working part time at Harlequin Costume and Dance again. Just for the summer. I've got a full season of SM work lined up for the fall/winter/spring. Finding full time work for this summer proved to be a little tricky, hence the day job.

I seem to be finding myself with Fridays off. I have today off (hence the lateness of this post being published compared to yesterday and the day before.)

I've got some things to do around the house. I've started painting my dining room table and chairs. I've got two more chairs to sand and prime. I'm hoping to get them at least sanded today (it's gorgeous out, I should get off my couch!). And due to the weather I'm also hoping to take Dave for a walk.

I tend to dress pretty casually on my days off. I'll be honest with you. This look is a little more work than I usually put in. I've been trying to think of ways to inject some vintage style into a ponytail, tee-shirt and jeans. I like the head scarf and the pompadour. It's cute!

If I head out I'll toss on these shoes and use this purse. 

The Boy, Dave and I are headed to Gimli tonight for the night races. So this look will translate well. Just add warmer clothes for the cool evening. Not too dressy! Perfect.

Dave is dying to go outside and play today. Can't say I blame him. It's so nice out! 

Close up of my 'do for you!

Green Military Style Jacket: Smart Set
No Doubt Tee: Bought at Concert a few years ago
Denim Capris: Ricki's
Polka Dot Peep Toe Pumps: Le Chateau
Diesel Runners: TownShoes
Vintage Purse: Ragpickers
Polka Dotted Scarf: ?? (I've had it forever)
Necklace: Antique Market

Did you think I had forgot to post today? 



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