Sunday, June 12, 2011

Treasures on a Most Casual Day

I am at my most casual today. I only leave the house to do two things when I'm dressed like this and I did both today: visit my Mom and grocery shop.

I've also bought some treasures this weekend I wanted to share with you. (you might have noticed the chair in the photos above where there is normally no chair!)

It was another "spidey-sense" thrifting moment. I had no intentions of going to Goodwill, but turned into the parking lot anyway and found this beauty for only $25. The colours won me over. I knew it would fit in perfectly anywhere in our house. I'm not sure just where yet, but I just couldn't leave it.

And there's more!

The Boy and I were watching the Manitoban episode of Canadian Pickers yesterday and the pickers stopped in at Mike's General Store to get something appraised. We were smitten with the store and before the episode was over we'd Google Maps the stores location and worked in a visit on our errand list yesterday.
The shop was awesome! The Boy bought some vintage Dinky Toys. And I bought these:



  1. Gorgeous!
    And I love the green on your walls! x

  2. Esme - thank you! The colour is Asparagus by Behr.



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