Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Years Weekend

Where do I start?

The Boy and I had plans to head to the lake for the New Year for some R&R and to test out our new snowmobile.

We never made it out for New Years Eve. We got held up at home and ended up celebrating New Year's on the couch drinking beer and watching Good Will Hunting on TV. Not so bad in my books.

So on New Years Day (which was our 4 year anniversary by the way) we got ready to head out to the lake. I finished packing up and The Boy did some last minute maintenance on the snowmobile. While he was cleaning some parts on the sled he found a broken piece which needed to be replaced. Without this piece the sled wouldn't run.
So on New Years Day we were calling around to see if we could find this part. Ugh.
We found one in a small town on the way to the lake. The owner of the shop would be home around dinner time. So we waited to head out so we could stop there on the way.

We left right before dinner, stopped in, picked up the part and continued on our way taking the backroad so were weren't doubling back to the main highway.

The backroad was very slick and snow covered. It was a slow drive.

And it got even slower when we hit some black ice and hit the ditch in the middle of the bush where we had NO CELL PHONE RECEPTION!!!! Without the trailer (containing a non-operable snowmobile) behind us our truck could have made it out of the ditch, but with it behind us we were stuck.

We flagged down some help who offered to call our family and a tow truck and waited.
Here I am in the truck while The Boy shovels outside:

I look a little stressed out don't I? rightfully so I think.

Here's Dave waiting in the backseat:

We waited for an hour before The Boy's brother came with help in the family van. We unloaded the truck into the van and he drove Dave and I to the cabin while the rest of the boys continued to shovel. The tow truck wouldn't come until morning since we weren't blocking traffic and no one was hurt. The Boy wouldn't leave his truck so the boys decided to tow the truck out themselves.

Let me tell was a crazy night!! Long story short (is this short? it's feeling long to me), the boys towed out the truck and the trailer and The Boy made it to the cabin at 2:30am. We hit the ditch at about 7:30pm.

The rest of the weekend was good. The only other glitch was that the electrical on the snowmobile stopped working so we couldn't sled at night. So we rode during the day.'s what your all waiting for. Pictures of our weekend!!
BONUS: Me in a snowsuit! haha!

We started this puzzle while we waited to hear from the boys shoveling out the truck. Dave did a great job! haha!

 In the cabin we stay at in the winter the deer come right up to the door. We feed them bread. It's so cool!!!

Ta Da! Sorry, I'm a little blurry. The Boy isn't quite as good with the camera as I am.

 Finished! It's Waikiki. What a tease...

 Dave loved the fireplace. He wants us to get one for our house!

 Boxers don't do well in extreme cold, so we dress him up to take a walk.

The Boy. On our new sled.

 Me and the new sled! What? You didn't recognize me? haha!

 Isn't this just gorgeous? It was so quiet. Awesome.

 I took this photo from the middle of a lake. Being in the middle of  a lake on a sled is just so neat.

 This is on one of the trails. This picture doesn't even do it justice. It was magical.

I took this on Monday afternoon as we were getting ready to leave. I felt I needed a less stressed picture from arms length.

Thanks for reading my long winded post! I hope you all had a good (non-drama filled) New Year. In hindsight the whole thing does make for a good story though...


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