Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Pretties (last Christmas post I swear!)

Where is the week going? I meant to post this yesterday. Opps!
Ok. This is the last Christmas post. I just wanted to share some of my Christmas loot with you.

A new outfit from my favorite store: Jacob:

Some kitchen gear. Always useful. And when it's this pretty I want to cook!!

More Pretties. Can't wait to put something nice in the cake plate!

Katy Perry's new CD. It's good! Upbeat tunes for the car. It actually smells like cotton candy! haha!

And of course I got the obligatory socks and picture necessary...

Alright, on with the new year! The Boy, Dave and I went to the cabin for the New Year. Stay Tuned for that exciting really...the weekend was FILLED with drama!



  1. The cake plate is MOST exciting - I would love one of those in my kitchen!

  2. I agree Penny!! I've always wanted one! The possibilities are endless!



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