Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Dressing Table + A Wardrobe Project Update.

As inspired by one of my favorite blogs: Penny Dreadful Vintage. Last week there was a wonderful three part post on dressing tables (SOO many wonderful inspiring pictures! Do go check it out!). I couldn't help but share my own.

I am a very lucky girl and have an entire room in our house dedicated to my "toilet".  A real dressing room. (this room currently has brown shag carpet and one very bright blue wall which I am not a fan of, but I can't really complain. I have BIG plans for this room).

See? Brown shag and blue wall...I suppose it could be worse. Anyway, this is where I get ready every morning. I bought my vanity at a Salvation Army for $200. The chair is from a telephone table set I got from a neighbour. The table is in my front hallway. The vanity used to be black and gold, but I painted it white about 9 years ago.
I really know nothing about it's age. I just know I love it and will never get rid of it.

Here's the other side of the room next to the closet. My dresser, jewelry etc...

The jewelry box is vintage from The Boy's Great Aunt Mary. I love it!

This post is kindof a two-in-one. While we're on the subject of my dressing room I feel it's time for a Wardrobe Project update. Since I've made some progress on some of my goals.

While we're talking about goals. Here's a recap of what I'm trying to accomplish and since I'm a type A personality I've crossed off those which I've accomplished!

1. Edit my closet leaving only those pieces which I love and wear reguarly. (missed the progress of this one? Click here.)
2. Once edited, figure out which wardrobe basics I am lacking. (Stay tuned for an update on this)
3. Hunt/Shop for those wardrobe basics and only purhcase quality items.
4. Define my style and look for trend pieces/accessories that match it. Only buy pieces I absolutly LOVE and ADORE.
5. Get a great haircut and buy the products my stylist reccomends.
6. Organize my wardrobe effectively. Including separating summer and winter items.
7. Pretty up my wardrobe. Including buying matching hangers and storage boxes.

Not too shabby! And the best part! The pretty pictures of my progress on #7. Ta Da!

I bought those white storage boxes at Walmart right after Boxing Day. And I bought hangers on sale yesterday. Doesn't it look great? I think so.
Considering it looked like this a few months ago:

Ugh. It was a mess.



  1. Ooh you are so well organised. My wardrobe looks much more like the second picture! Loved seeing your dressing table, the lamp is gorgeous x

  2. Nice images I like the boxes alot. you are a bit tight for space but you seem to fit it all in the wardrobe.

  3. Penny - thanks! The lamp was a garage sale find many many years ago. It was a putrid yellowy-green colour and I sprayed it gloss black and bought the shade. It's in need of new wiring these days.

    Walkin - it is tight for space! And I've downsized! I'm saving for 3 Ikea PAX wardrobes to put where the vanity lives now and clearing the closet alcove, wiring it for a light and putting my vanity in there.

  4. Ooo so jealous of your dressing table! I really like the boxes in your closet too. Makes everything look so organized :)

  5. Certainly, you are an inspiration ... My wardrobe looks like a battlefield and you made me reconsider, love, love your vanity cabinet!


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