Monday, January 31, 2011

I Can't Make Up My Mind How I Feel About Snow

In my last post I complained about how much snow we have in our fair city of Winnipeg. If I remember correctly I wrote that I wished it would melt already... seems that I'm feeling fickle about snow right now, because today I'm going to tell you how beautiful snow is!

The Boy and I went to Lac du Bonnet (pronounced "Bonnie") to stay with friends and go snowmobiling this past weekend (hence no posts!). It was just stunningly beautiful out there!!!

Now I'm sure many of you may be saying to yourselves "What? Another post about snowmobiling? This is supposed to be a blog about vintage!"
Well to you I say it's my blog and I'll do what I want.

But me being out in the bush and witnessing how beauitful the world can be is (bear with me here and watch out for cheesiness) a lot like the way I feel when I see a really special vintage piece (did you see the cheese?).
Really. No joke. (even if it is cheesy)
I get overwhelmed. Being outside in the wilderness and vintage both make me deliriously happy. They make me feel connected to life, the past, the world, the future. Everything. See? Overwhelmed.
There's really nothing like riding a snowmobile through trails in the middle of nowhere and seeing this:

It's really magical. It makes me think of all those Canadian pioneers who would experience this without all of our technology.

Vintage is magical too I think. Vintage clothing makes my mind race: I think about way it was made, I wonder who wore it and I think about the life that it's had.

Thanks for indulging me. Oh! And for good measure, here's my armslength outift photo! haha!


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