Friday, January 21, 2011

The Rest of the Goods

I hope you all enjoyed my luggage yesterday.

Here's the rest of the goodies I brought home:

I'm starting to amass a collection of enamel flower pins. I just love them.

The beaded clutch on top was $1.50 at Goodwill. I'm still learning about dating purses and clutches. I think this one may be 50's or 60's.
The one on the bottom I just couldn't leave at Value Village. It's a little dingy, but I just love the embroidery and the shape of the flap. This one I'm sure is 40's. The zipper and lining are a dead give-away. Maybe I can research how to clean it up a bit. Or maybe I should just leave well enough alone...I'm torn. It looks a lot better in the photo than it does in person.

Oh you fashion bloggers influencing me! It seems to me that everyone has a cute pair of vintage ankleboots that they wear with tights or socks and a dress. I've been on the hunt for a pair. The hardest part has been finding the right pair for my average size 8 1/2 feet. These are just PERFECT!! Everything I've been looking for! They will need to be re-soled soon, but I will probably wait for a few months. They also need a good cleaning as you can see. They're a bit dusty. Maybe some new laces too...
(P.S. you can see my suitcases stacked in the background!)

This wool skirt was a real steal at Goodwill. $5. I just love thier prices! The size is perfect. I love it! Can't wait to wear it! And it's reversable!!

Two for one!

 The tags.

It's a size 16! It's a small 16! Even for a vintage skirt! I'm usually a vintage 12.

I actually bought one more thing I didn't photograph for you yet. I bought a very cute secretary-like 60's dress. I'll wear it soon and do an outfit post for you.



  1. Great finds. Those boots are incredible!

  2. Oh, the enamel rose! I want one, too!


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