Monday, January 10, 2011

Outfits: New Skirt, Old Jacket

I wore this to work today.

This is my new skirt from Jacob that I got for Christmas.
You've seen this jacket before. I just love it and wear it a lot in the winter.

I discovered today that I am unable to take outfit photos in the corner of the living room due to our new coffee table being in the way. I used just push the old one out of the way when I took outfit photos, but the new one is just WAY too heavy to be moved (that and being made entirely of glass I'd be afraid of breaking it if I tried to move it by myself).

What do you think? It's cleaner. Maybe it'll grow on me...

Black Headband: Ricki's
Bird & Birdcage Earrings: Ricki's Sample Sale
60's Green Boiled Wool Jacket: Ragpickers
Cream Tee: Joe
Printed Pleated Skirt: Jacob
Pantyhose: Walmart
Socks: Joe
Two Toned Patent Flats: Joe



  1. your whole outfit is adorable and those shoes- wow!

  2. I love the jacket and the two-tone shoes! <3

  3. It is really hard finding a spot to take pictures in, isn't it. I think the new position is good, the lighting actually seems a bit better in fact. Love the jacket too :)


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