Thursday, January 20, 2011

EDIT: I'm Packed!

Yesterday after work my Mom made me go shopping (well that's not true actually...she told me cherries were 99 cents a pound at the grocery store which happens to be right next to Value Village so I went to both. Then to Goodwill...)

It's a good thing I went! I bought some great stuff! Today I'm going to show you one of the things I bought. A fabulous vintage briefcase. $3!! Here I've got it stacked (it's the top one) with my other two vintage suitcases:

The two suitcases are pretty special. They both belonged to family members. I've had the one on the bottom for years now and the middle suitcase was gifted to me this week. I knew I wanted a third piece of luggage to complete my stack, but I never knew I'd find it so fast!!

 Here's my new briefcase. It's in great condition! No holes, the leather isn't brittle, all the pockets on the inside are in good condition.

I've got the first initial, but those other two aren't mine!

This suitcase was given to me by The Boy's Mom this week. Isn't it just darling? I was so flattered that she gave it to me. The Boy's Grandma brought it with her to the hospital when she had all of her babies and The Boy's Mom brought it with her to the hospital when she had her boys. That is easily the best part about this suitcase. It just makes me swell when I think about it.

This suitcase is also pretty special. It belonged to my Dad's grandfather. It was given to him when he retired from Manitoba Hydro. I've actually used this suitcase many times while traveling. It's got SO much space. Really! And it's tough as nails. The only downside is that it is HEAVY when it's full of stuff.

The Boy told me yesterday at dinner that I don't need anymore old suitcases! haha! I think he's afraid I'll start another collection! Who could blame him...they are lovely...

I of course, bought more stuff yesterday. I'll show it to you tomorrow. The thrifting gods were smiling down on me I'm telling you. I bought some awesome stuff!

EDIT: I had a interesting comment from wolfsong this morning concerning bedbugs and how I protect myself from them while thrift shoppig. Winnipeg seems to be experiencing a bit of a bedbug epidemic right now. Walmarts and thrift stores seem to be part of the problem. Let's just say I've been thrifting a lot less since the news came out (a lot less...). I actually left this suitcase out on my deck in a gargage bag over night to try and freeze out anything that may have been there. I also look over everything I buy very meticulously. I also wash and disinfect everything that can be washed when I get home. So far I've been able to avoid them. 
Want to learn how to spot the gross little creatures? Check here.  
I hope that helped answer your question.  



  1. What a lovely set, how great that they all match so well :)

  2. An oddball out of the blue question for you...with Winnipeg dealing with a bedbug revival(and not in a good way!) are you ever nervous about bringing things home that might have bugs in them?

    I ask that because last week I had to turn away a bunch of clothing(I do alterations from home) from a client because she had stored them at her mother's-who had an infestation, and apparently, they like clothings too.

    Even Wal-mart in our fair city has issues with the little, ultimately, do you have any ideas how to avoid them when thrift store shopping?



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