Friday, September 7, 2012

When the Cat's Away...

the Mouse gets Painting!! (that's how the saying goes right!?)

The Boy has been away for a three day bachelor party marooned on an island in the middle of a lake in Ontario somewhere and has now decided to spend the weekend at our place at West Hawk. So I find myself home alone for a week!!
 He's a funny boy, he loves the "after" of home renos, but detests the mess between the "before" and the "after".

So while he's gone I've taken it upon myself to get some unfinished painting done that has plagued me since we painted our living room, dining room and hallway three years ago: the hallway doors. It's not unusual for me to get a project done while The Boy is away. I get to make a mess and work at my own pace.

In fact, having The Boy away for so long (we're rarely apart for more than a day) has made me revert to my livin' single days.

I've spent the last three days watching bad movies on tv, Sex and the City, drinking copious amounts of coffee till noon and eating vegetarian food for dinner. Or breakfast for dinner, whichever strikes my fancy! And of course I've been eating in the living room watching tv.

Oh and painting...
I painted three closets this week...I took my actually only took me two days...and I only painted the doors. Ok, maybe that's a long time, but it was a pain in the butt! I had to paint the trim, the doors are 8 feet tall, they have all these nooks and crannies...this is why it wasn't done three years sucked. I am so sick of painting. Now I know why all the rooms in my house aren't painted yet either. I like to get started and when I'm about 3/4 of the way through I am cursing myself for starting this messy project. I am a messy painter and always end up with paint ALL over me.

This is just a taste of me covered in paint. My feet look weird. And yes, those are my pj pants. Why get dressed if you're gonna get messy? Stay in pjs I say...

Right, the painting...I'm all over the place today...
It's a subtle difference, but here's the front closet door before. As The Boy calls it in "Dirty Old Bra" colour that much of our house was/is.

And the subtle after. Can you tell the difference? Yes, you can. It's so overcast today I thought I'd be able to take some decent pictures, but the light is messing with my not so fancy camera.

It makes the alarm box look dingy...maybe it's time for a new one...

Our front door needs to be painted inside and out as well. I'm still trying to decide what colour to paint it. Any thoughts people?
That mark on the bottom left corner is from the former owners dog scratching to get out. It had also chewed some of the baseboards in the house as well. Annoying!! 

So that's been my week and I still have three days before my man gets home. I've made some plans with family and friends this weekend to keep me busy.
After all, I did just spend a month at the lake. I have some catching up to do...

Have a great weekend!



  1. Looks good! As for the front door, what about black? Black doors are a little dark but I always think they look rather classy :)

  2. It's very, very rare that the mister and I spend a night (or longer) apart, too, but when it does - much like yourself - I generally try and cram in as much productivity (be it decorating or fixing up the house, crafting, shopping, setting up for the holidays, writing a glut of blog posts, etc) as I possibly can.

    I adore being married and having my husband around so much (he primarily works from home), but I've always been the sort who was able to be most productive when left alone in a room, free to work at my own pace and schedule (which no doubt accounts for why I'm often most productive when Tony is asleep :D). So when those ultra rare times that I have the house to myself to arise, I try and utilize every last second of them!!! :)

    ♥ Jessica


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