Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Sucks

Well this may not be a new apron or house dress, but my dreams of becoming a vintage housewife are one step closer to becoming a reality! lol!

Say hello to my "new" Hoover Constellation!

This funny little guy came my way this summer while The Boy's brother was cleaning out his house. The Hoover came with the house. I couldn't let him go to the trash, so I rescued him.

How could I not? He works, he's vintage and he's GREEN! My favourite colour! Win, win, win. Right?

A good blogger would have cleaned him up a bit before taking pictures, but I was too excited to share him with you.

And naturally, I had to do some research and I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on vintage vacuums! Did you know some people collect vintage vacuums? I can't help but wonder: where do they keep them? 
I found a whole forum about vintage vacuums for those of you looking to start your own collection or just bone up on some vacuum knowledge: Vacuumland

Here an original ad for my model:

I like this next ad better, I like the graphics. Particularly the woman pulling the vacuum at the bottom. The coolest thing about these vacuums is that they hover! You heard me! There are no wheels or tracks on the bottom they hover on their own air stream (according the the ad). I'm just hoping my vacuum still hovers. That would be awesome!

And for fun, check out these guys! Neat!

Who knew I'd be so excited about a vacuum? Maybe this is the start of my own collection?, probably not. lol!



  1. What a fantastic find! It's always so neat when you move into a home and find an old treasure or two. When I was little we lived in a small house from 1909 for a while and when we moved in there was a complete set of vintage encyclopedias (it's been a longggg time, but they were either from the 30s or 40s) that I loved pouring over as a youngster. They stayed with the house when we left, as they were arranged on a built in bookshelf in the living room and just felt like they deserved to stay with the old house itself.

    Wishing you many years of fun with your old school vacuum!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Jessica - that's so cool! I love that you left them with the house. I hope the next tenants appreciated them.
    The house I lived in when I was young (I'm talking 4, 5, 6) was built in 1880/90's and we found some cool stuff in it too! A box of vintage valentines, some old weights (the ones that look like bowling pins) an iron bed frame. I'm not sure where the weights went, but I've got the valentines and the bed frame (I used it for years until I met The Boy, it's a full sized bed and we don't fit in it). I'll have to post about them one day.


  3. This is fabulous!!! I'm glad you got your favorite color too! That's just the icing on the cake! I'd love the turquoise one pictured in the last image there since that's my favorite color. Happy vacuuming! :D


  4. Janey - The Boy likes the turquoise one too! I'd be happy with turquoise too!


  5. Your new band name: "Lisa and The Hovering Hoovers"!! What do you think?

  6. What an absolutely amazing find! How I hope that it really does hover! And that ad makes it look super versatile and useful!


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