Saturday, September 8, 2012

Outfits: Suddenly It's Fall

I know I was the one posting Inspiration posts about fall earlier this week, but it was still hot and sunny never fails...I yearn for fall and when it gets here I'm always a little bummed for a few days. Every year I have a small grief period and say good-bye to summer. 

I had coffee with my friend Michael yesterday afternoon and had planned to wear a dress, but when I let Dave out before I left the air felt too cold for a dress without tights...and I'm not ready to wear tights yet...
So pants it was. So this is what I threw on before I left.

This blazer is vintage. It's part of a suit I bought at Value Village for $7. I love the lining! It's another piece I almost sold and is now living in my closet.

Vintage Blazer: thrifted, Value Village
 Vintage Flower Brooch: Ruby Slipper
Sequin Dot Tee: Joe Fresh
Jeans: Forever 21
Green Pumps: Forever 21
Coral Bangle: Forever 21
Vintage Tooled Leather Purse: thrifted, Value Village

It's been a quiet week around here without The Boy. I am enjoying having the whole bed to myself at night, but other than that I miss him. 



  1. I really do believe you could be a professional stylist, if you so desired. Never have I seen an outfit from you that I didn't immediately love and admire every last detail of. Your way with colouring blending and accessorizing is seriously top-notch, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Jessica - thanks! :) Years of practice. ;) I worked retail for 15 years and my favourite part of any job was merchandising.


  3. Home Alone XXIV "The Decorator Strikes!"

  4. JMo - LOL! That one went straight to DVD or Blue-Ray, or whatever the kids are watching these days...


  5. You should never, ever sell the suit! The blazer looks absolutely fabulous on you and I love that ginormous flower. You look completely gorgeous

  6. sometimes I think the layers you can wear with pants make for better outfits. I am loving the cooler breeze we are currently having. Love everything about your outfit super lovely perfect for coffee!

  7. nancy - this is what I'm thinking too! And thank you! The flower brooch is a vintage millinery flower that I pinned to the blazer with a big safety pin!

    Daphne - agreed. You're a Winnipegger, you know how cold it gets gets here in the winter. I can't help but live in pants when the weather turns. And thank you! :)



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