Sunday, July 15, 2012

Channelling Bettie

I feel a bit like Bettie Page with my new bangs. Which is a good thing...I think Bettie was an incredibly cute, sexy and attractive woman. Which is pretty much how I'm feeling with this new do'.

I went out Friday night with my city friends for a few birthday drinks on the patio at Bistrot by Basil's in Osborne Village.

My hair was looking amazing, so I snapped a few photos of my head before we went out. 

That brown blob emerging from my stomach is a dog bed... lol!

I washed and dried my hair and trimmed them a little more on Friday night as I had actually cut them a little unevenly. All is well now and they lay really well without curling them. 

Thanks for all the kind words on my brave new haircut! 



  1. love yer bangs! I just retrimmed mine, and of course it's pissin' buckets outside....hahah.

    I've heard lovely things about Bistrot!

  2. Caitlin - thanks! I know, my hair was looking so sleek on Friday when we left the house, but my curls fell into loose waves by the end of the night. Bistrot was good! We only had apps and drinks. Their beautiful patio out back was the best part of the evening for sure.


  3. wonderful retrĂ² woman!!!

  4. Your hair does look thoroughly amazing, and don't even get me started on how darling that cherry print top is. Please tell me you got it from a Canadian source and that it's still available! :) (Wishful thinking?)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Jessica - Thank you! It is a dress. You can see it on this post
    I used to work for Ricki's Canada as an assistant buyer and I bought it at one of their sample sales. It was bought by a buyer at a boutique in New York. Sorry for the bad news. :(



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