Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lisa's Life List: Lisa's 30th Birthday Week Celebration Extravaganza

I follow a lot of decorating blogs as well as vintage lifestyle blogs. And recently while searching the archives of one of my favourite Canadian decorating blogs Rambling Renovators, I found Jennifer's Life List.

I immediately began writing my own. Here it is:

    TO SEE

1. Take a road trip with The Boy and Dave across Canada
2. Visit Japan
3. Visit Paris
4. Trek around Europe with The Boy
5. See Shakespeare’s birthplace
6. Watch a Shakespearian play at the Globe theatre
7. Visit Hawaii with The Boy- by ourselves
8. Visit The Boy's family in Germany
9. See all of the Louvre
10. Visit the Smithsonian
11. Eat Lobster in PEI


12. See Dita Von Teese perform live
13. Own a piece of quality vintage 50’s Chanel or Dior
14. Swim in the ocean
15. Own an early 50’s classic car and drive it around town dressed up with The Boy
16. Buy more cheap and cheerful flowers at the grocery store
17. Entertain at our house more
18. Get an iPhone
19. Write and send more letters and cards through the mail
20. Dress up and ride my vintage bike somewhere to have coffee on a patio (alone or with a friend)
21. Have pin-up style photos taken
22. Spend more time with my girlfriends
23. Buy a short vintage fur coat
24. Meet Dita Von Teese 

      TO DO

25. Work up to Running/Walking at least 3 times a week regardless of whether I’m working or not
26. Get a better organizational system for my clothes and accessories
27. Drink more water
28. Host a cocktail party
29. Buy a quality tripod for our cameras
30. Sell/Donate anything we’re not using in the basement
31. Take better outfit photos for my blog
32. Learn more about our cameras and taking pictures with them
33. Watch more theatre in Winnipeg
34. Put all our old Black & White photos in acid free boxes
35. Learn how to be the Zen master – like The Boy's Mom


36. Renovate the Kitchen
37. Renovate both of our Bathrooms
38. Fix up the patio furniture
39. Create a beautiful patio area
40. Gut the basement
41. Landscape our yard
42. Get Ian to paint our dining room furniture
43. Buy a rug for the living room that The Boy and I both like
44. Grow a potted herb garden
45. Buy more mid-century modern furniture
46. Organize all of our closets
47. Find a better organizational system for our paper and bills – find a place for a desk
48. Fix up the back entrance – bench, hooks, paint etc…
49. Renovate the basement
50. Build a working wet bar with fridge and small dishwasher in the basement
51. Own a summer cottage


52. Take more pictures and video of my family
53. Start hosting random extended family dinners
54. Cook Christmas dinner for my entire family
55. Get married to The Boy
56. Talk to Opa about his life
57. Have a professional family portrait taken
58. Spend time with Casey as he grows up
59. Walk Dave regularly
60. Be debt free
61. Learn German and talk with Opa
62. Spend more time with Will
63. Call Grandma more
64. Visit Grandma & Grandpa 


65. Stage Manage a large touring show (maybe on a cruise?)
66. Work as a Production Manager
67. Work as a Director
68. Travel more with Work
69. Travel more with TALK, specifically
70. Work as the head Stage Manager at MTC
71. Stage Manage at Stratford
72. Put in enough hours so I can go on EI when I’m not working and not have to get a temporary job
73. Get my Manitoba Film Training Certifications
74. Work on set as an Assistant Director or a Production Assistant
75. Don’t stop acting – do it sporadically
76. Play Gertrude in Hamlet

I'm looking forward to crossing some of these off my list sooner rather than later! :)


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