Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wishlist, the Birthday Edition: Lisa's 30th Birthday Week Celebration Extravaganza

Here's what's on my Fantasy Birthday Wishlist this year:

I'm really loving bakelite these days (like everyone else!), but as usual, I have champagne taste on a beer budget. I like the intricately carved bangles. I'm drooling over these ones on Etsy right now:

While we're shopping on Etsy, how about this adorable sailor dress?

Or maybe something a little fancier

And you've got to have a purse to go with your new dress and bangle. I like this vintage ostrich purse, also on Etsy. Wouldn't the pop of turquoise be awesome with the poppy dress? I think so.

I've also been in need of a black wicker purse. My summer wardrobe is lacking one. This one is cute. 

On a totally different note, I'm dying for a pair of Tara Starlet Sailor Shorts. I'd love Navy or Black.

And what list would be complete without some shoes? I'm also dying for both of these styles from Remix Vintage Shoes:

The Babydoll Pump (I'd like Black please)

And the Rita. (Is it too much to want a pair in pink and cream? It's my wishlist...)

That's probably lots for now!  ;)   I could, of course, go on! lol! I don't have every closet in my house filled for nothing!



  1. Love the turquoise purse. I feel red and turquoise HAVE to be worn together!

  2. The ostrich purse is such a beautiful color, but I think I could detach the strap and make it a clutch.


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