Sunday, March 9, 2014

Anti-Resolution Check In

My fellow vintage loving Canuck Laurie from Retro Reporter just posted a 2 month check in on her 2014 goals and how she was fairing.

I thought "hm..I haven't been thinking about mine since I posted them in January...I wonder how I'm doing"

So I'm going to follow her lead and post a little check in for myself.

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Blogging Goals

  • keep up with the Link Love series.  - Success! I've been posting every two weeks without fail! I've found the trick is to always have a new "Link Love" post in draft and I add to it while I'm surfing the internet and something catches my eye.
  • share more of my collection with you in my Show and Tell series. - Success! I just finished posting my entire purse and clutch collection and am fired up to show you more really soon! I got such amazing response from you guys on this! I'm hoping some of you follow suit like you said you would and post your own collections! I love seeing other peoples treasures and geeking out about them as much as you do!
  • don't worry so much about taking a million photos for a post. - Working on it. Most of my posts have been pretty picture heavy this year so far, but I keep reminding myself that little check in posts are ok too.
  • keep working on planning ahead when it comes to posts so I can keep posting regularly.  - Success! Despite being busy with work I have keep up with blogging since the new year. I have posted at least once or twice a week and I'm really proud of myself. I am a bit bummed I didn't post an outfit in February, but I'll keep working on that. 
Conclusion: Blogging goals seem to be in good form despite me not consciously "working" on them. But as I said in my original post, these are not new 2014 goals, but ones I have been working on and thinking about little by little for some time now. 

Personal Goals

  • Get rid of things we/I don't need/use. - Working on it. I have a massive pile of stuff to donate in my basement that I keep adding to. And I've even got The Boy putting things in it (which is a bit of a miracle, because he is more of a hoarder than I am!!). We just have to take it to the thrift store when I'm finished this job. And I plan on continuing with the purge after that as well. So even though some might see that as a success, I am saying 'working on it' because I see more work to be done.
  • And further to that. I'd like to follow the William Morris quote: 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful'.  - ??? Hm. maybe this isn't really a goal, but more of a philosophy to keep in mind while I purge and work on the house.
  • Keep working on our house. - Working on it. I have big big plans to FINALLY paint our kitchen after this gig finishes. I pumped up and ready to tackle the job after 5 years of living in this house (that and I've come to the conclusion my dream IKEA kitchen is another few years away and I can't stand my kitchen in its current state anymore! lol!). Wish me luck!
  • Shop less - Shop my closet more.  - Success! I have made a few thrift purchases, one Etsy purchase and one retail purchase this year. So in total probably less than $120 spent -  which for me is a big deal! I have been seriously contemplating every impulse to buy and really curbing my spending. Right now dreams of kitchen paint are keeping me from buying a leather jacket at Le Chateau or a vintage silk kimono on Etsy I've been eyeing. Also doing laundry regularly and keep my favourite clothes clean in my closet seem to be helping...who would've thought?! lol!!
Conclusion: Personal goals still in progress. Although they are a bit loftier than my blogging goals, I think. However, I am working towards every single one and that makes me happy. Baby steps people. That's all I need. :) seems that I've picked some good goals overall for myself. I seem to be unconsciously working on all of them. I don't need daily reminders or personal pep talks to make these happen. And THAT is my ultimate goal. Have goals that become imbedded in me, so I am always working on improving myself and my surroundings. 

How do you keep track of your goals? Did you make any resolutions (anti-resolutions?) this year? How are you doing?



  1. Way to go, girl!!! It sounds like you're really off to a flying start on the goal front this year. I'm making some progress on mine as well, especially when it comes to various financial matters and also continuing to work on being less afraid to ask for what I want in life. I such a great feeling about 2014 and nothing has deterred that for me yet, so I really hope that when New Year's rolls into sight again, I'll be able to honestly say that I made progress (or accomplished, as the case may be) everything that I had hoped to this year.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I would say you have been doing pretty darn good with your anti-resolutions! Definitely noticed more blog posts and I don't think your posts or too picture heavy or too light.
    I have been trying to spring clean myself doing alright, it feels good to let things go but I also have a habit of just making room for new things, spring does that to me...
    again random, but if you make a trip out to see patti at wildrose anytime soon did you want to let me know? I would like to see her space but doubt I would get around to it one my own.

  3. Wow, you're off to a fantastic start! Props to you for your successes on the blogging front, especially... I've just started with some new blogging goals with mixed success.


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