Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adventures in Haircutting

I am attached to my long hair. Yes, literally, but emotionally as well.

When I was in high school I had a pixie cut which would always be changing colour or morphing into a mohawk at random and I would laugh at girls with long hair who were afraid to get it trimmed let alone cut.
I have become one of those girls.

I love my long hair! It makes me feel feminine, sexy, attractive! It's as if it's the source of all my womanly super powers. It's to my waist and I want it to be longer!!

I've had a couple bad run ins with hairdressers in the last few years. They either scolded me for dying my own hair or wanted to cut 4-5 inches off "because it would look so much healthier!". Ugh. Or, when I negotiated down to a 3 inch trim they'd take 4 inches. Not cool.

So I've been afraid to go the hairdresser. And I started cutting my own hair as a result. This seemed to be working out ok a year and a half ago, but recently my bangs and my ends were looking pretty scraggly. Nothing I did was making them look better either.

pre-haircut. photo courtesy of my instagram account

It was time to go to a hairdresser....

Thankfully, just at the right time my friend Jen had a recommendation from my salon Edward Carrier.  She told me I should go see Susan. Susan has long hair and Jen told me she'd understand my haircutting neurosis. And she was right!! I went to see Susan today and she was amazing!!!! She didn't bat an eyelash when I asked for a trim with few layers and she wasn't intimidated by my request for bettie bangs either, even though she hadn't ever cut them before. She took her time and did an incredible job cutting my hair. I am converted! AND I have a new hairdresser! Finally! After 3 long years without one. *happy dance*

photo courtesy of my instagram account

Not only do my bangs look awesome, but my hair looks and feels great! It's been far, far too long since I walked out of a salon so happy and completely satisfied with a haircut.

Susan and I were even talking about how to put a pink streak in my hair...woah step at a!!

Do you cut your own hair? Or do you have an amazing stylist that gets your vintage look? Please share!



  1. Your hair looks awesome! I had an amazing stylist back in TN. She was my best friend to boot, and the only person who has ever cut my hair without me going home and touching it up! Since I have moved to Portland I have not found anyone. I tried a couple of places but I was not happy, boo! I have been waiting to cut my hair on visits back to TN and maintaining my bangs on my own. I need a haircut though and I do not have a trip to TN in sight, sigh.

  2. Your hair looks amazing! Nothing better then a great hair dresser who you connect with! I have a had a few good ones over the years. Currently I see Gerard at Essentique Salon on Academy in Winnipeg. He is amazing and truly understands how to work with my insanely thick and curly hair

  3. It looks terrific!!! I'm really sorry that you had a number of unpleasant/traumatic experiences with hairdressers, honey. I've had lots of those myself, too. In fact, in my pre-wig days, circa 2007, I pretty much stopped going to hairdressers entirely because I was sick of them berating me about the handfuls of hair they'd be left with while cutting/styling my hair, as if I had any control over such a thing (they also always wanted to give me lots of layers, saying that doing so would make my thin/fine/thinning hair look thicker, which it never, ever did) and took to colouring and cutting my locks at home. I saved money and loved the results so, so much more. On the rather off chance my natural hair ever grows back thicker and I'm able to revert from being a wig wearer (I'm not banking on it, but stranger things have happened), I will go right back to doing the same.

    ♥ Jessica


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