Thursday, February 27, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 3

Numero three in my show and tell series of my purse and clutch collection.

Here are my gold and silver clutches.

The gold envelope clutch was bought in Brandon while I was on the Munsch Tour last winter. I bought it with matching shoes (see them here!).
The silver beaded clutch was bought at Ragpickers way back when. It's seen better days. I use it frequently. It has some light staining and I need to sew a few beads back onto the back. It still has the original square mirror that tucks into a little pocket inside.

The silver clutch on top is a more recent thrift purchase. I liked the handle. It tucks inside as well in case I don't want to use it.
The silver shoulder bag on the bottom was bought at Ragpickers as well. It used to have a metal closure - the kind that looks like a little bar and pivots to keep the purse closed. You know the kind? It fell off, so now I use ribbon to keep this purse closed. And not always pink - I switch it out to match my outfit.

Two gold beaded bags - both of which I adore. I just think they're so pretty and decadent. Both thrifted for under $6 each. 

I'm discovering a pattern here while I write up these posts. I am a sucker for a metal or moulded handle. That's what drew me to this next clutch. That, and the pyramid closure.

A random grouping…they look nice together thought don't they?

The red flocked bag on top has a shoulder strap. It's a great casual bag, fits my phone and other essentials and adds a fantastic pop of colour to an outfit.

The white plastic bag on the bottom is 60's. It's another thrift store find. Again, a great addition to casual outfits and summer dresses in the warmer months.

The purple velvet clutch is another Ragpickers find from long ago. I love the colour. 
The burgundy suede purse also has a shoulder strap. I like that it looks like one of those plastic tub pillows - you know the kind with suction cups on the back? lol!
The hot pick purse is another find from the road while on the Munsch Tour. 

My assortment of green and blue purses.

The purse on top was given to me as a gift.
The navy suede purse on the bottom was bought from Patti Henderson's shop WildWoodRose Vintage.

The top green clutch was a purchase at Ragpickers - after I worked there! The handle slides in and out - which I love.
The grey patent purse on the bottom was a Salvation Army find - $4. Again, I love the handle on it.

The top purse was bought in Brandon on the Munsch Tour (see a better pic of it here). It has the most beautiful closure and a little coin purse inside attached with a chain.
And the purse on the bottom was another Value Village find. The bow and the colour had me at hello. :)

I've got at least two more instalments coming your way (I told you it was an extensive collection)! I hope you're enjoying these posts!

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  1. Loving the green one with the bow in the last picture! From your last post I often thrift little bags to give as gifts as well:) I will do a post like this on my purses shortly I have given most of mine away over the years so I maybe have 10 left, I am holding out for holy grail from now on... Can't wait to see more are your bigger ones next?

  2. The last purse, that color...the bow! Oh my! It's nothing short of perfect!


  3. It should be stated for the record that these posts have all taken my breath away something fierce! :) It's true! With each photo, I gaps and sigh and swoon, and imagine the many, many ways every one of the clutches contained within could be styled. It must be so fabulously fun to have such a big collection to do just that with in person (instead of just imagining it, I mean).

    ♥ Jessica


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