Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Keep Reading...

how 2013 was the year the blog died.             ….I never got the memo...

If you're a blogger you may find this article from design*sponge interesting as well as this one from writer and web commentator Jason Kottke.

So in an effort to "stay with the times" I'm now officially on the Twitter.

Follow me there @Lisa_BDV and let me know if you are also on the Twitter so I can follow your witty 140 character banter.



  1. I nearly wept when I read this article a few days, because I had been saying many of the same things - almost verbatim - that the author did to Tony for several months now. I noticed a dramatic decline in the number of bloggers out there (in our circle - one day I actually counted and off the top of my head alone, I could name 23 blogs that had't been posted to for three months or longer) and commenters around mid-year (and certainly the demise of Google's blog reader didn't help matters there) and a dramatic shift towards more people on social media (all the time, it often seemed).

    I still see my comment numbers bobbing up and down, notice blogs being retired right left and center (as recently as one I comment on often pulling the plug abruptly this week), and feel like some people are blogging less (and/or are on social media way more - not that that's a bad thing per se, just an observation). To learn that not only had someone else taken note of these things, but that many others out there had as well, truly brought me a sense of much needed peace of mind about this situation. I don't think that blogging is dead at all, but it is changing and evolving in some ways and one just has to adapt and keep aiming upward, which is what I plan to do.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Off to follow you on Twitter right this very moment.

  2. Hi Lisa! I hope you'll let me follow you on Twitter. (I tried to but it says I need your permission.)

    I don't believe that just because large groups of people do something (like migrate to one social medium or another) that their mass action should dictate what I do. I'm fundamentally a writer so I will blog long after it loses popularity. Many early bloggers moved to YouTube 'cause most folk don't like to write, but their choice needn't determine mine. Good subject to examine though.


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