Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Show and Tell: Vintage Purse and Clutch Collection Part 2

Here's part two of my purse and clutch collection!

These are some beaded and mesh clutches I've got. I usually have quite a few more in black and white, but I tend to give them away as gifts, so sometimes I have more, sometimes less.

I really love the top pearl clutch - another favourite. I feel like it may be 30's. I am not really great at dating purses. I usually know when they're from within 15 years or so, but have never really spent the time to research details and nail down dates. Anyway, this clutch was given to me by one of my mother's friends who knew I loved vintage. I receive a lot of things this way.
The bottom clutch was thrifted for $1. I really like how linear it is and how modern it can look. Vintage can be so timeless.

These two were both thrift finds. Again, these little beaded clutches come and go in my collection. I tend to find a lot of them when I'm out thrifting so I never feel bad plucking one out of my collection to gift to a friend.

I also have a thing for mesh shoulder bags from the 80's. I bought the black one first and wore it until I broke the strap (still have to find a way to fix it) and the hunt was on until I could find a white one. I love wearing these out dancing - hands are free, but they fit all of my essentials.
And another soft beaded clutch in black. I only buy these if the beading is in good condition or there are only a few loose beads that can be sewn back on. Sometimes you can find them in pretty poor condition with staining and a million missing beads.

And some brown and leather bags. All of these are recent additions in the last year, except the leather school bag. I've started to wear more brown and I was feeling the deficit in my purses for co-ordinating items.

I bought this satchel second hand for $8. It may not be vintage, but it has a great vintage feel and is made of leather. It also has a shoulder strap and many pockets.

This faux croc purse was a recent purchase just last week - $4! I couldn't resist the handle detailing and the overall shape of it. Plus it's a great size - not something you always find in vintage purses (they can tend to be small).

This is a genuine snakeskin purse. I think it's 40's from the detailing inside. I received this from a woman who knows my friend Jen. She was looking for a good home for her great aunt's clothes and Jen brought me along to take (yes, take!) some stuff from her. She was a lovely woman and just wanted her aunt's things to go to someone who would appreciate and use them.

This is another recent thrift buy from the last year. I paid $3 for this little clutch. The photo doesn't do it much justice. The closure along the top is lined with rhinestones. It's really pretty in person.

Stay tuned for more instalments! We've only just scratched the surface!

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  1. I have that same black beaded clutch (top photo, 2nd from top on left). Nice collection!

    1. So neat that you have the same one I have! I love vintage doubles!


  2. Your collection really is magnificent!!! I will forever think you whenever I see one of these kinds of pint size, immensely elegant vintage bags from here on out, dear Lisa.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I think of you when I see vintage Canadiana!

      Just wait till I post the rest of the collection! :)


  3. Ooohhh... I love these. I have this conflict in that I love bags and clutches but have no practical use for them. Which tells me not to buy any -- but I want to. These are so enticing.

    1. I have barely used half of these beauties! It truly is a collection. I keep thinking that I should install a shelf right below the ceiling in my dressing room to display them. I used to hang many of them on the walls of my apartment instead of hanging art. So, maybe you could buy a few…for display purposes only?! ;)


  4. Oh, the snake skin one! I'm dying! It's so beautiful!!



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