Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outfits: The Not-So-Lazy, Lazy Day Outfit

This is what I wore last Sunday when I went out to Ruby Slipper with my Mom. It was deadly cold out for the end of April and I was feeling lazy. Jeans and a Tee shirt dressed up it was. I even had dirty hair. lol!

I am addicted to styling my hair in a sock bun! I first found out about this easy, chic hairstyle c/o Kendi Everyday who credited The Other Emily (click here for the tutorial for the amazing Sock Bun!). Pure genius!

So ya...the best way to look chic and be lazy in my opinion is to wear a sock on your head and wrap it in a cotton vintage handkerchief, throw a vintage blazer over your tee and be sure not to wear runners. Voila!

Not-So-Lazy, Lazy!

Vintage Cotton Handkerchief: Ragpickers
Cream Rose Earrings: Aldo Accessories
60's Emerald Boiled Wool Blazer: Ragpickers
Bow Tee: Jacob
Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Brogues: Aldo
My Go-To Purse: Value Village


that's right...you heard me...I'm wearing a sock on my head...yes it's clean! do you think I'm crazy?


  1. the green jacket is soooo cute! ♥

  2. Miss Twinkle - Thank you! It was one of the first things I bought when I worked at Ragpickers that has stayed with me. Most of the vintage I bought when I was in high school I unfortunately gave away in a mad cleaning spree. I'll never get rid of this beauty though. I've also got the matching skirt...it's a 26" waist though, so I'll never be able to wear it. lol!



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