Monday, April 30, 2012

New Goodies and Practically For Free!

In February I dropped off 3 garbage bags of vintage clothing to consign at Ruby Slipper. On Sunday I headed there with my Mom to pick up my consignment money and any remaining items.

My first surprise was that I had missed my actual appointment date. It was last weekend. Opps! I've been really scatter-brained since I got home from Israel
Despite missing my appointment, after some released frustration, the owner Tracey helped me pluck out my remaining consignment items (which were put back on the floor when I didn't show last week).

Before she wrote up my check I of course did some shopping. How could I not? Basically I was trading my old crap for pure vintage gold!!

I restrained myself, knowing I wanted to bring some actual money home too, not just more clothes. That and I'm trying really hard to be true to my "keep it simple" mantra. Just a little, not a lot. You know? Quality, not quantity... get the point. 

Want to know what I got? 

Possibly my new favourite pair of shoes. Gloriously near perfect  condition green 40's pumps. I felt like Cinderella when I put these babies on! I was certain they wouldn't fit (they were $18! Can you believe that price?!?!?!?).

This pretty 40's hat.

And this gorgeous black sheer 50's dress with rhinestone buttons and matching belt! The possibilities with this baby are seemingly endless! These photos are not doing this amazing dress justice. I will be sure to wear it and take photos as soon as the weather co-operates.

And all for trade! And I still have half a rack of stuff I'm looking to get rid of in the basement. I'm toying with the idea of Etsy, but I'm still looking for a buyer for the lot. It's mostly 60's/70's/80's stuff that I've accumulated. I'd love to hear if you know anyone who might be interested! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Now bring on the warm weather so I can wear my new dress!



  1. Clever! Just adore those shoes, it's a magical moment when one sees amazing shoes, one slips them on and THEY FIT!

  2. Maureen - Trading on consignment is an amazing way to update my wardrobe without spending any money. I will do this again!

    And yes, finding a pair of amazing shoes that fit is magical! Cinderella...



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