Friday, April 27, 2012

Israel: Day 7

Day 7 was my last day in Israel.

It was a pretty low key day. We met one of the festival organizers for lunch in the New City at a kosher restaurant called Rimon (pronounce in Joey. lol!). The restaurant had two sides: one milk and one meat! We sat on the milk side. I needed a coffee. I ordered Sole with Mushrooms, Fries and a Salad. It was good!

After lunch we grabbed a cab to Tel Aviv and bid Jerusalem good-bye.


In Tel Aviv we stayed at a hip art gallery/hotel in a cool residential area. The staff were all very smart, fun, cool people my age! 

The lobby of the hotel

The rest of the lobby

The hotel had happy hour from 5-6 pm and they had free champagne and kosher cookies! So of course we went down for a drink! :) 

Where we sat and had champagne

One of the girls: Renana and I really hit it off. I gave her my email address and blog address. I really hope she writes me. She's into vintage and history and art. She dances the Charleston and was teaching me some Lindy Hop steps in the lobby! lol! 
I could live Tel Aviv. And I was only there for 12 hours! lol! I've already got friends! :)

Graham's room where I crashed for 5 hours! 

I slept on a cot in here

I really wish I could have spent more time there. Tel Aviv was AMAZING! We had the most delicious meal at a cafe around the corner. Western food, not kosher.  

I had seafood linguine and a glass of red wine for dinner.

For desert I had a pear and almond cream tart with chantily cream and a cappuccino. And the waiter brought us each a glass of free port! Very good with desert!

I was pretty tired at the end of the day, I was feeling emotional about leaving after having such a great evening. But I was also a bit homesick and eager to get on the plane to start heading home. There were dogs EVERYWHERE, all kind,s and it made me miss Dave. 
The next morning I got up at 4:30am and left for the airport at 5:10am to start the trek home. 

This is the Airbus 380 I took from Paris to Montreal

It was such an amazing trip! I saw and did things that I will never forget! If I had the chance I would go back. 



  1. How lovely to end on such a great high note. I yearn to learn the Lindy Hop, but with only youtube and an elderly husband I see no hope!!!


  2. Amazing photos as usual Lisa. Charleston? That's easy...the food looks amazing and being a VEG-head seems like it would be a snap in Tel Aviv. Rock! J


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