Sunday, April 15, 2012

Israel: Day 3

Whoo! This post almost didn't make it today! Somehow I magically didn't experience much jet lag in Israel, but I'm not doing so well now that I'm home. I get incredibly tired around 6:00pm (well after my "Israeli bedtime") and today I've been feeling under the weather: slight headache all day and an upset stomach. I've only started to feel better in the last hour.

Day 4 was a pretty big day, so I've decided it and day 3 will be their own posts.

Day 3 was pretty low key compared to some of the other days we had.

We made a trip to the Old City.

We sat in a beautiful little cafe. We drank freshly squeezed orange juice and watched the crowds of people walk by.

After some exploring we worked up an appetite and then ate falafel! It was awesome! Some of the best hummus I've ever eaten!

We had a rehearsal in the afternoon. And then went out for dinner. Oven fired pizza and Palestinian salad. Yum! The food just kept getting better and better! ;)

We also rented a car on Friday and started to navigate our way around the city. Interesting to say the least! lol!
I'll tell you all about our trip to The Dead Sea and Jericho tomorrow!



  1. Love the photos! I'm a vegetarian and everything looks as yummy as can be. Nicely Lisa! Thanks for the great posts.

  2. Awesome, awesome pictures! I love the pattern on the table top...what an amazing fabric print that would make!

  3. So beautiful and the food! It looks wonderful. I want to go!


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