Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jerusalem Killed My Flats (and other tales from the airport...)

Hi! Have you been enjoying my photo posts from Israel? They were all I could manage between mad sight-seeing, rehearsals, shows and eating awesome food (I slept somewhere in there too, I think).

And I'm finally nearing the end of my trip. The last leg to be exact. I'm waiting in the Montreal airport for my last flight home to Winnipeg. The flight doesn't leave for another hour and a half...I've been here since 3:00 this afternoon...and I've been travelling since 5:00am Israeli time. This is the day that will never end...

Let's just say I'm a little tired of sitting, being in public and watching strangers rummage through my belongings.

Oh...and Jerusalem killed my flats. Here's the photographic evidence:

They did not look this beat up when I left home last week. Small price to pay for an amazing week though. Now I get to go buy new shoes!

I also have a few thoughts about travelling while I sit here. None of which are very original, but more reason for people to do something about these things.

One: Why do so many people travel with screaming children? I don't care if you pump them full of sugar and buy them toys or drug them up, just please shut them up. We're all tired and jet-lagged. Your screaming toddler is not adding to the ambiance.
No, this may not be very sensitive, but it's my blog and this is the third airport I've been in today, sixth in the last 7 days...I get to bitch...

Two: Yes, I understand you're travelling internationally, but why are you wearing those ugly sweatpants? You don't need to wear a suit to travel, or even heels, but try to put in a little effort. You're in public...and I have to look at you. So does everyone else. It's amazing what a nice pair of jeans, a great tee, a trench, some flats and a scarf will do for your travelling attire. And it can also be comfortable! (this is in fact pretty much what I'm wearing now) Give it a try. Please.

Not too bad for a girl who's been travelling all day right? 

Most other airport indiscretions I can tolerate (except of course rudeness...there's never any reason for that...).Basically I just don't want my sight or my hearing to be assaulted while I'm forced to sit here. Thanks.

Thoughts? Am I being to harsh? Or do you agree? Any reccomendations for a new pair of flats?



  1. As a Mom, I try really hard to be understanding when kids are screaming while traveling. After all, as tired and cranky as the adults are, we still understand why our bodies feel the way they do. Kids-toddlers especially-don't. The best things a parent can do is offer snacks, or a lap to sleep in. Or take them to the play area-most airports have them. Unfortunately, some parents just aren't prepared for what air travel can do to some kids...some kids handle it great, others, it's really uncomfortable for-and, it can be overwhelming for a parent to be trying to deal with a screaming toddler, and the people around them stink-eying them for not muzzling their child.

    What drives me nuts though, are the parents who do nothing, and let their little darlings run and scream and purposely annoy other people, under the guise of "Oh, they're just having fun!" These are the same parents who take kids to non-child friendly restaurants and expect everyone else to just deal. Those parents are the one I want to punch in the throat.

    As for clothes people wear to travel...LOL! Nothing bothers me. SO long as I don't have to see butts or boob hanging out, and the people are clean, and wearing little to no perfume-because *no one* wants to sit next to the stinky person!-I just don't care what people wear. :)

    The captcha is crazy hard to read...would you consider getting rid of it, since you moderate all comments anyways?

  2. Wolfsong - I will look into getting rid of the captcha! I forget it's there! Thank you!

    After a night of rest and one last flight I kindof feel the need to amend my comment on the children a little. I understand if a child crys when a plane is landing or taking off. It can be very hard on your ears. Screaming for the entire flight is another matter all-together...

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. As a parent of a toddler, I'm not sure that everyone who travels understands the challenges of traveling with an infant/young child. I used to be the person who always had an opinion on how parents traveling with young children should deal with screaming/crying kids. Kids don't always cry just because their ears hurt during take-off/landing. They just get tired and crying is an evolutionary response!

    There is no universal rule because with really young kids, you don't always know the trigger for the tears. I travelled with my very active son for 20 hours, and towards the end, he just wanted off the plane and was making his frustration known very loudly via tears ..frankly, I don't blame him!
    You can only engage them for so long..after that they just want to run and play, like any normal child would.

    Personally, I'd rather travel with screaming kids than with people who snore like thunder! At least the kids will get tired of crying at some point!

  4. Anonymous - that is a good point! Thankfully I didn't encounter many snorers! You might be right! I think that would be worse.
    Thanks for your insight!



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