Saturday, May 26, 2012

Workin' Hard...

...out at The Ruins. 14 hours today! Rain or shine!

I'll be back to my regularly scheduled programming next week. Henry V opens next Thursday!



  1. 14 hours! Crikey, that is a long day - hope the weather stays nice for you :)

  2. Nearly came in with 'Now is the winter of our discontent ...' before remembering that is Richard!

    Have fun.

  3. Maureen - Henry V is "...friends, brothers and countrymen." and "once more into the breach, dear friends."

    Penny - The weather was tolerable. Chilly and only a bit of rain in the week should be nicer, I have 2 more 14 hour days to put in before we open.


  4. Ooooh this looks like it's going to be exciting! Hope it's going well?

    I've just passeed on the 'One lovely Blog Award' to you, which I think is very well deserved, I've love following your blog, apologies for the lack of comments but I promise to make up for it :)

    you can find your award here:

    thank you again for all the lovely posts



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