Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dressing Up a Gift Card

Sorry I've been away all weekend. Two days seems like an eternity on the internet doesn't it?

I've been busy with family functions. A funeral on Friday and a wedding shower on both Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and I started work this week. It's Prep Week for my next show.

With all this going on I've had little time to buy shower gifts. So a gift card was in order (And really, who doesn't like spending other peoples money?!). The only problem with giving a gift card is that they're not very visually appealing.

I set out to fix this problem with some pretty vintage wrapping.

Both of the Brides-To-Be got a gift card in a box like this:

The paper is vintage wrapped around a small box with a lid. I wrapped the ribbon so to open the box all you have to do is lift the lid!

And of course, the bow and tag are both hand-made by me!

I wish I had taken a photo of the other box, it was similar, but different paper and I made a different bow and tag. Ah well...

Don't you think this makes getting a gift card so much more special? And you can keep the box!


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