Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wishlist: Wishes in Opposition

I am always of two minds about clothes this time of year.

On one hand, I'm sick of winter and trying to think of ways to make my winter wardrobe more appealing (to myself of course!).

On the other hand, I'm sick of winter and thinking ahead to spring and summer; which leads to spring/summer wardrobe planning.

(The moral of the story is that I'm sick of winter!!)

Anyway...I'm lusting after two totally different items right now:

A great loose winter coat. Like this 20's Velvet Flapper Coat from Dorothea's Closet:

 AND a straw boater to wear with summer dresses. This one from Marc Jacobs is pretty awesome. Although I would natuarally prefer a vintage one.

What can I say?     ...

Anyone else sick of winter?



  1. Yeah I have to say I'm pretty ready for spring but not so much the allergies that come with it.

  2. sick of winter?! heck yes i am! i miss cute shoes without the tights underneath... and cute tops without the cardigans covering them up...

  3. hey just foundyour blog through fedora lounge!! love your outfit post!! so cute!


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