Monday, February 15, 2010

Store Hunting Adventure!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I hate to publish anything without eye candy!

I keep hearing that there is a new vintage clothing store on Osborne Street. So I've made it my personal mission to see if this is true or not.

So on Friday I went out with my brother Matt to see if we could find it. We left totally unprepared, without looking in the Yellow Pages or even trying to find any information online. It made the trip more of an adventure!

On a side note: I tried to take Matt to Ruby Slipper again and they were closed. Again! Very frustrating...

Anyway, after getting over our dissapointment, we headed to The Village. First we hit up Osborne Antiques which is a huge antique store filled to the brim with anything and everything you could possibly want/imagine! I've noticed on recent trips that they're starting to carry a respectable collection of clothing for men and women. Lots of old military jackets and hats for the fellas. And lots of fur, bags and other pretties for the ladies and many other wonderful treasures!! I'm hoping to take my camera with me next time I go and do a proper review for you all! I tried on a faboulous 40's dress, only to take it into better light and find out the reason it was $15 was because the pattern had bled. Oh well...
Before leaving I asked if the owner had heard of a new store in the area. He said no, but did tell me I should head across the street to Vintage in the Village.

So we did just that! What a great store! How could I have never heard of it before! I felt so out of the loop. Vintage in the Village is filled with beautiful mid century modern furniture at very reasonable prices! Lots of great atomic style lamps and vintage light fixtures!
And their jewelry collection was outstanding! And priced to sell! This is my kind of place! A whole room filled with pretties! I'll be going back for sure. There was one rack of clothes at the back of the store. Nothing on it interested me on this trip, but I have a feeling if one was ambitious and stopped by frequently there would be treasure to be found!

After this stopped we jumped into the car and headed out of The Village to South Osborne. I had read a street style article in the paper and the girl featured said she bought her dress second hand at a store called Just a Second on Osborne. So we went to go find it.

I swear I drove up and down that street a million times before I found it! We pulled over and parked and did our best not to get hit by Friday afternoon rush hour traffic as we excitedly ran across the street.

Let me just prefice this next bit by saying I have a touch of ADD. This usually gets me into trouble. "Oh! Shiny! What's that?", but on Friday it payed off! As we walked towards our destination I my head swiveled in all directions as I took in our surroundings. And then! I saw ANOTHER VINTAGE STORE on a side street!!! I grabbed Matt and dragged him in.

I had found i candy vintage. A sweet little shop the size of a postage stamp filled with carefully selected treasures! Good prices and very beautiful pieces in this store! I would highly reccomend it to any vintage shopper! The owner told us they had just opened in that location in December. I for one am planning to take a trip back.

So, back on track...we walked out of i candy vintage and down the street to Just a Second. At this point I was bursting with excitment!! All of this was just too much for me to be calm!!

And then we walked into Just a Second. It was a bit of a let down after what we had just been through. It was not a vintage clothing store, but a regular thrift store. Now this is all well and good, but this thrift store had a bad smell and the clothing was nowhere near vintage (not even an 80's item in sight!!). The clothes seemed to be rammed on the racks willy nilly with no rhyme or reason. Mens, ladies, childrens, it was all mushed together. Not my cup of tea. Some of the furniture was decent, but I wasn't looking for furniture. After about 3 minutes I looked at Matt and said "I think it's time to leave". He agreed.

After all of this I bought nothing. The trip was really to find Just a Second. Which we did. And I'm pretty sure it's not the new store I keep hearing about...

The moral of the story is that as always: Life is the Journy, Not the Destination!



  1. If you call the Ruby Slipper, the message says they're closed until...I can't remember the exact date, but late February.

  2. Thanks Erin! I never even thought to call...much like trying to find this mysterious store on Friday...I just head out and hope for the best! haha!

  3. Sounds like my kinda day, full of seeing pretty vintage things all day long!


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