Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wishlist: 40's Tilt Hat

I have wanted a tilt hat since I worked at Harlequin Costume and Dance a few years ago. They have a few beautful hats in thier rental collection that I rented a few times while a worked there. I've been on the hunt for the perfect hat since.

Well I feel that day coming closer with my new job and my increased pay. That combined with the fact that The Boy has a credit card and a Paypal account. I think I'll be buying one this spring online!!

I've got my eye on these lovely ladies:

These two are from Past Perfect Vintage

40's Felt Tilt Hat with Mouton. $55 US

40s Fushia Felt Hat with Ginko Leaves. $65 US

I also spotted these two at Couture Allure Vintage:

40s Felt Tilt with Pink Flowers and Veil. $35 US

40s Purple Felt Tilt with Felt Flower. $55 US

As I post these images it's becoming clear to me that I'm clearly wanting a hat with flowers on it! haha! I do like the idea of a hat with a veil. I'd also like one made of straw if I could find it. Then I might be able to wear it in the summer. Maybe two tilt hats then? One of felt for winter and one made of straw for summer!

I'll be sitting down with The Boy this week to do the shipping and currency math to see how reasonable one of these pretties might be.
I'll let you know what happens!!

Lisa. xo

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