Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Day Hangover

Last night was awesome! So awesome I got home at 4am!

First we met up at Jenn's sisters house and had a few cocktails and appetizers, then we went to see strippers (female strippers...Jenn, like me thinks that male strippers are ridiculous!), then went to a nearby club for some dancing! Afterwards we went out for a late night bite.

I'm nursing a headache today. It's a good thing The Boy and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because I'm tired! I hope those of you who do celebrate have a great day today!

Here's the only picture I deemed appropriate to post online. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to post the others.

Me and Jenn



  1. It's funny you should say male strippers are ridiculous. My boss and I were talking about them a while back and we both agreed that female strippers are much better.

  2. I've seen male strippers twice and both times I laughed so hard I cried! There is nothing sexy about the male body doing...whatever it is that male strippers do...


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