Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tutorial/Outfits: Girl's Night Out!

My girlfriend Jenn is getting married in two weeks and tonight is her bachlorette! I'm pretty excited! I look forward to any excuse to dress up, but tonight is going to rock! Jenn is one of my closest friends and her friends are a blast! It should be a fun night (I'll post photos tomorrow where appropriate!)!

So not only have I included tonights outfit, but I thought it might be fun to show you how I do my hair when going out.

 My retro obssession started with a show I did a few years back where the director wanted me to be a cutesy pin-up girl. So of course I did some research on a 40s look, which naturally lead me to pincurls. We ran the show for a month outdoors, so I became a bit of a master at them.

Well, if you've tried pincurls before you know they can be a bit of a pain. Patience is key as well. Nothing is worse than taking out wet pincurls. So this is where I came up with this method of "pincurling" my hair with a curling iron.

Here's my before hair. As you've seen before, it's a modern cut:

Here's my hair post "pincurling" and setting:

This is how I got to this stage:
1.To get to this stage start with day two hair. Washing your hair before a set will never work. Hair needs to be a bit "dirty". If I feel like my hair is still too clean I put some product in it. Lots of girls use Lottabody for staying power, I have yet to find a place in Winnipeg that sells it. So I use a combination of Dippity-Do and mouse on dry hair. This makes my hair a little wet, so I brush it and let it dry out a bit (note: this can tend to make my hair a little crunchy after I take out my curls. I just brush this out a little to soften the hair).

2. I then curl 1-2" sections of my hair with my 1" barrel curling iron. Starting at the top of my head. Curl the iron as if you were curling it onto a hot roller, rolling the hair over itself.  Like this:

3. Curl the section of hair all the way to the base of the hair shaft and let it sit until the hair is hot. Unroll the hair and then pincurl it while it's still hot and pin it to your head with a bobby pin.

4. Curl your whole head this way. This is a great method to use if you like to duplicate 40's hairstyles. It really lends itself to all those fancy setting patterns. I prefer this method to hot rollers because you can control how big or small you make your curls (like those pesky short hairs around the side and back of your head!).

5. Let your hair cool completely. I usually leave it for at least half an hour. If I have time I leave it for 1 hour.

6. Take out your curls. You'll probably look like Shirley Temple! Like this:

7. Style your hair as you choose! Brush your hair into rolls, let it be free and curly, or any combination! I usually just start brushing, see where my hair lies and go with it. Here's both sides before I put makeup on:

So without furthur adieu, here's what I'm wearing tonight. The full effect!:

Flower: Claire's
Necklace: Vintage
Jacket: Ricki's
Embroidered Busiter: Suzy Shier
High Waisted Skirt and Belt: Le Chateau
Shoes: Le Chateau
Bag: Ricki's

Hope you have a great Saturday night! Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of my night!


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