Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wishlist: Watch This

I own a few watches - none of them vintage. The batteries in them are all dead. In fact, because of that I haven't worn a watch in years (plus I have a clock on my iPhone!). However, I am smitten with the idea of wearing a dainty vintage watch - most of them are so pretty it's like wearing a functional bracelet.

This one is really lovely.

buy it here!

And who are we kidding?! I'd take this amazing watch any day of the week…except it's $3000…but it sure is pretty….

are you a baller? buy it here!



  1. i do also wear no watch since is have my phone. isn't bad? Because the vintage watch is soooo gorgeous

  2. I don't wear a watch either, and though I am very picky with the watch styles I like, it has much less to do with that and more with the fact that I'm allergic to nickel which is present in almost all watches (especially those made outside of Europe, where they have somewhat more stringent nickel content laws). I haven't worn a watch since my early 20s. I'd love to find one that I could, especially for days when I'm rocking a vintage secretary look as I always associate classic watches with those kinds of styles. Hopefully one day! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love watches and I'll never give them up. In addition to being functional, they can be beautiful, as these are. It's easy to replace a dead-battery, so consider giving yours a new life.


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