Saturday, February 23, 2013


Another post with goodies from the road! We hit up one of the thrift stores and an antique store in Dauphin last Wednesday.

Here's what I brought home with me:

These purses were 50 cents each. I love the straw one (I have a huge weakness for straw purses) and I couldn't resist the soft brown leather on the second one (although it looks black in the pic, it's actually dark brown).

I've always wanted one of these trumpet vases. I see them everywhere, but in strange colours that won't go with my house. I couldn't resist this white one for $1.

My collection of blue glass is growing. I can imagine this as a very cute bud vase.

I've saved the best for last. I bought her at the antique store. My very first vintage head vase! I've always wanted one and they're very pricey in Winnipeg. I scored this lovely lady for $32. I actually don't know much about head vases, but a quick search on eBay and Etsy tells me I did not too bad price wise. Either way I like her and am looking forward to bringing her home to my dressing room.

She's in great shape. She only seems to be missing the bottom, dangling part of her pearl earring. Everything else is there - even the original makers sticker on the bottom. She's made by Parma.

Have you scored at the thrift store lately? Do you have a collection of head vases? Do tell!



  1. lovely finds ... spam is getting more and more ... i really understand that you had to change back to word varification. to me as a person with less time to comment it's a little time consuming but well. :)

  2. I just bought a whole buncha stuff from a thrift shop for 20.08USD. I'm planning on writing a post, if I don't get lazy.

  3. Awesome finds! Oh my gosh, your lady's head vase is gorgeous! I've always wanted one as well. I saw a small one (I think it was of a blonde wearing green) at a local flea market last year, but the elderly chap selling it was asking $35 (or maybe even $40) and wouldn't budget a penny, so I passed because I just didn't have that much to spare on a vase at the time. I don't kick myself for forgoing it, but I do very much hope I find one for a bargain while out doing the yard sale and flea market circuit this year.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Amazing haul! We have the same tastes, I tell you: I had a white cornucopia vase just like that that I thrifted in Toronto (then gave away when I moved overseas), and I am also slightly obsessed with head vases. I have only one, a Hull Pottery all-blue lady's head that I traded for jewellery years ago when I was in uni. Yours is a beaut. And the purses are fab; the hardware on the brown one rocks. How I miss Goodwill!

  5. My dream is to find a head vase exactly like that while thrifting it has never happened:( amazing find for you though!! $32 is a great price most are $80+ and the vintage shops I go to.

  6. I LOVE your new vase and what a great price! I haven't found a head vase yet but I'm gonna be keeping my eyes open for one now! Recently I scored a latex glove mold... which is this big ceramic hand that I use to store jewelry



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