Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Diamond in the Rough

...ok...well, I guess they're not diamonds...they're rhinestones...sounded good though didn't it? lol!

I wanted to show you my latest thrift find from the road. This flawless 60's rhinestone necklace!

I found it at the thrift store in Swan River. I had been Googling in search of the thrift store in town, but couldn't find the actual location until I was out shopping with my Grandmother last Saturday. We were walking down the street and a sandwich board with tiny writing on it said "Thrift and Consignment" with an arrow pointing into a building. I squealed with glee and ran in!

For $20 I walked out with this beauty, a cute (modern) denim summer dress and a vintage 60's dress. Not too shabby! :)



  1. Not too shabby at all! What a lovely find!

  2. AMAZING find! my grandma has a thrift shop in her town but it is always closed so I never get to go:( I have dreams that beauty like that live there:P

  3. That necklace is stunning! What a great find :)

  4. Marvelous find! It's glam, elegant, and just as timeless as the day is long. I can hardly wait to see/hear about how you style this in future outfits.

    ♥ Jessica


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