Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outfits: Shirtwaist Dress

I wore this out for iced coffee and window shopping in Osborne Village with my friend Jenny today.

The weather has cooled down significantly (and by that I mean it's still 26 degrees Celsius instead of 38 degrees, so it's still freakin' hot out!) and I've been dying to wear some of my shirtwaist dresses, so I did. I love this dress. I've had for a while, but never worn it on the blog before for some reason. The Boy's brother calls this my diner dress.

I bought it at Ruby Slipper for a song (I think it was on the sale rack for about $12).

It's handmade with lots of sweet details like decorative buttons on the collar, beautiful rolled cuffs and a yoked back with gathering underneath.

I imagine this was someone's housedress for cleaning. It is super comfortable cotton with lots of flexibility due to all of the clever construction like these underarm gussets!

Imagine someone making this beautiful little dress to clean the house in? I can, but you won't catch me cleaning in it! lol!

50's Pink Shirtwaist Dress: Ruby Slipper
Vintage Millinery Flowers worn as a brooch: Ruby Slipper
Vintage White Skinny Belt: Ragpickers
Yellow Wedges: Thrifted
Vintage Straw Purse: Thrifted



  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, my word, dear Lisa, I cannot get enough of the sublime way you partner hues and accessorize your beautiful looks!

    I adore this pretty, timelessly classic shirtwaist dress - and all the more so because it's in my favourite hue.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Jessica - lol! thank you! :) When I bought the dress the last colour I thought I would pair it with was yellow, but one day while I was cleaning my dressing room the flower brooch happened to fall next to the dress and voila! An outfit was born! Lol! (in fact, I can credit my messy dressing room for a lot of my outfit inspiration.)


  3. What a beautiful dress! You look lovely :)

  4. so so nice! It fits amazingly for a home made dress. Great find from the ruby slipper.Love that lipstick shade as well:)

  5. That is such a fabulous dress! I can image doing so much with it, since you can pair it with nearly any color!


  6. Kate - thank you so much!

    Daphne - I think so too! The woman who made it knew what she was doing. I always have luck at Ruby, I have to be careful only to go when I have money! lol! The lipstick is MAC Viva Glam Cindy Lauper. I'll be sad when it's gone. They don't make it anymore.

    Janey - Thank you! You're right! When the dress is a solid it act like a neutral even though it's pink.


  7. I love that mix of colors! Very feminine outfit:)


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