Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Outfits: Something That's Not Blue!

I wore this out to dinner with The Boy and a friend of ours and his daughter yesterday night. I actually spent most of the day in a dirty t-shirt and jeans with my hair in a bun and no make-up cleaning the house.
Glamorous no?

It still feels like a million degrees outside here and dressing cool is imperative. I've never worn this outfit before and I really like it!

As you know, I tend to be very matchy-matchy with my outfits, but from time to time I like to try something different: like wearing turquoise shoes with a green top. It's my subtle version of colour blocking. :)

Isn't this necklace awesome?! It's new! I bought it at Le Chateau this spring. I was powerless against it's awesomeness and could not leave the store without it. It also came in red (it was really hard to decide! I almost bought both...because I'm insane like that).

White Hair Flower: Claire's
Plastic Floral Necklace: Le Chateau
Green Tropical Tee: Thrifted
White Cotton Skirt: Ricki's
Turqoise Patent and Cork Wedges: Le Chateau
50's Bamboo Birdcage Purse: Value Village



  1. I seriously mean it when I say that I really can't get enough of your marvelous style, and love how you put together your links. The serene green and blue mixed with crisp white here, partnered with that statement necklace is simply smashing and looks absolutely beautiful on you.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. So sorry, meant to say "looks" not "links". Blame the mister for that, we we just talk about some web links.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That necklace certainly is fun and unique! And I adore your top too!!


  4. Best line lately, and I'm a steal it... "I was powerless against it's awesomeness". Can apply to almost any situation or event dontcha think Lisa? Again, a lovely post and you look amazing. J

  5. Jessica - thanks girl! :) It's honestly taken me a long time to be comfortable with my own style. I used to feel weird that I didn't have an "authentic" vintage look, like I couldn't commit to it or something. Which is totally silly. I'm not quite sure what has happened, but in the last year or so I've started to let that feeling go and enjoy the mix of modern/vintage with a touch of pin-up and a dash of rockabilly which is my look.

    Janey - The necklace was a bit of an investment (priced at over $20) for me, but I don't regret the purchase at all! I wear it constantly and was thrilled when it completed this look for me.

    JMo - lol!! What can I say? It's the truth, I was powerless...and you're welcome. ;) It was a pleasure to meet you during Fringe! I saw you talking with Graham Ashmore in the beer tent. Do you know him? I went to Israel with him earlier this year. I adore Graham!


  6. I completely understand why you would be powerless against your necklace. It is just beautiful.


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