Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Fair Trade

In June, Lauren Rennells (of the Bobby Pin Blog and Vintage Hairstyling and Make-up Books fame) posted that she was looking to trade vintage hair styling books for one of her new hairstyling or make-up books with her readers. What?! That's awesome!

It just so happened that I had a vintage 1969 hairstyling book that my Mom bought me in a thrift store that I have never used, but have kept hidden among my piles of books in the basement. I took some pictures of it and emaiedl Lauren within minutes of reading the post.

this is the book 

She got back to me and said she'd love to trade! I had been coveting her Vintage Hairstyling book, but did have not have the money to dedicate to it. This was the perfect solution!

Within the week I sent my old book out into the mail and eagerly watched my own mailbox for Lauren's book to arrive.

I was ecstatic when it finally got here! I ripped open the package, plopped on the couch and began devouring it immediately.

Now I know that I am severely behind in this, as many other bloggers have posted their own reviews about this book when it was released, but what's one more consumer report in an otherwise totally flooded market right?!
That's right, so here I go...

If you are a "vintage" girl or enjoy replicating vintage styles sporadically (like me) you need this book. It is an incredible resource for any modern vintage girl. May I even suggest that no girl's arsenal is complete without one? (how did I live without it for so long!?)

The book is chock full of amazing photos, both of the eye candy and educational variety.
I'm incredibly thrilled about the detailed section on pin curls. When I do set my hair in pin curls I usually do a basic set (all curls pinned the same way) and place them on my head any which way rather quickly. The book really makes understanding how to make a proper set for an actual style very easy. I'm excited to try out a couple of techniques (particularly the horizontal wave) next time I do a set.

And for those of you who are not keen on a wet set, the book outlines how to accomplish most of the styles with a curling rod or hot rollers. Brilliant!

And this book is not just for 40s/50s lovers. It has samples of styles from the 20s/30s to the "Mad Men Era" of the 60s.

And if that wasn't enough, at the back of the book is a sampling of how to complete your vintage look with tips on appropriate vintage hair accessories, make-up and nail tips! Lauren has thought of everything!

Now all of this being said, I don't think these techniques are for the novice hair twirler. I think, to have any first time success in replicating these styles you must have some hair styling practice (but perhaps not of the professional variety) under your belt. You will also need to own a curling rod (1" or smaller), hot rollers and bobby pins at least to start (not including hair products). But if you are a beginner, I say buy the book, read it and give it a try! Really, what have you got to loose? It's just hair my friends. If it all goes awry you can always put it up into a bun and call it a day.

In conclusion, if you don't already own this book, go buy it! And a HUGE thanks to Lauren for her generosity in trading with me. I hope she is enjoying the book I sent her as much as I'm enjoying her book.


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  1. What a marvelous way to obtain a copy of this book. I bought one last year, which is probably a good thing, as I don't any vintage hairstyling books to swap. I adore it to pieces, too, and have probably read it cover to cover ten times (or more) since I got it.

    I have only positive things to say about it, too, though feel odd in a way because I really can't do too many of the styles in it on my own hair, on account of it being so thin, fine, and fragile (my hair has been falling out since I was 14 - I suspect I've got a year or two more before I finally need to start wearing a wig).

    At this point I've got two styles (one 40s, one 50s) that I rotate (both - with the help of smoke, mirrors, and scads of hairspray - both do a decent job of hiding how bad the situation is), with slight variations of the two. What I love though, is that one day if I do get a wig, I can finally try way more of these awesome styles out on a proper, full head of hair (an exciting thought unto itself!).

    ♥ Jessica


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