Friday, August 10, 2012

Fooled You Again!

Did you wonder where I was? I've been posting pretty regularly for the last few weeks...

Well, The Boy, Dave and I were at the lake for the last 5 days. I had loaded up the blog with scheduled posts and we were supposed to come home on Tuesday, but it was just too nice out. We stayed till Thursday night.

Gotta love summer holidays...I know Dave does! lol!

What have you been up to this summer?



  1. How awesome that you were able to get away for a view days. That lake view is absolutely, stunningly breath-taking! I can fully imagine how much the mister would love fish there (fishing be something that he's definitely been up to all summer long).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Funny you should ask BUT as we speak (er, type) I am preparing for my two-week stay at wonderful WINNIPEG BEACH. This not so polluted side of the lake features swimming, fishing,lazing about drinking scotch, smoking big fat cigars and generally getting as quiet as possible while still engaging in THE ROCk!! I know, you'll miss me and my comments, but I will be back Lisa. Be well and thanks again for the wonderful blog-og-og-og....

  3. I am just on the tail end of ten days off! I've done some much overdue gardening and spent the majority of my time "relaxing on the dock".
    This may or may not have included a few drinks with some of my favorite people. It definitely included plenty of reading, relaxing, napping, and just generally doing nothing...sigh...summer....i love it...

    Beautiful photo of the lake and clouds. Awww Dave:) (I kind of feel like he looks, hahaha)


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