Monday, January 9, 2012

True Blue

It's Sunday night as I type this. I am laying on my freshly made bed in our freshly painted room.

In total, from beginning to end, prep and painting took me from Thursday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. My arms hurt, I stubbed my toe really badly in our dark basement while getting something I'd forgotten down there (expletives ensued!), there may or may not have been a fight or two over the mess in the house, I may or may not have accidentally got paint on the carpet (The Boy may or may not have got upset and had to clean it...),
and I still have paint in my hair.

But it was all worth it! Our bedroom looks amazing! We still have to hang our drapery rod and drapes today, but everything else is finished.

By the end of the day it was too dark to take good photos once we finished putting everything back together, so I snapped this one quick for you!

I start work (it's Prep Week) at Manitoba Theatre Centre today for their next production at 10am. I'll do my best to snap some photos of the bedroom and post before the end of the week.


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