Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting the Year off Right

It's been a while since we've tackled a large decorating project around the house.

I figured it was about time we take on painting another room.

So today I started prepping our bedroom for painting. Most people leave their bedroom until the very last when decorating. My habit has always been to paint my living room, then the bedroom.
It's a very important room! It's where you start and end all of your days. It's important for it to be soothing and pretty.

I obviously don't have any "after" photos yet as I haven't even picked up a paint brush at this point, but I thought it might be fun to tease you a little with the "befores".

Here's what our bedroom looked like right after we moved in (it's got extra furniture in it at this point because we were painting the living room).

Here's what it looked like this morning before I ripped it all apart.

The bedding, lamps and furniture will stay. I don't love this furniture. It was The Boys before we moved in together. He loves it. I've made many concessions with him in this room. Gotta make 'em somewhere!
I have new art and drapes waiting in storage. No headboard. The Boy doesn't want one. Another concession.

The door on the right is the entrance to our half bath ensuite. I won't be painting it. We will gut it and do a complete reno on it sometime this year.

The Boy calls this colour "Dirty Old Bra". Our entire house is painted this colour. We hate it with a passion. I can't believe we haven't painted more rooms yet. 

The closet and the door into the hallway.

This is what it looks like right now pre-paint. Dresser and end tables under the tarp.

The cedar wall will stay. The Boy loved it when we moved in and it has grown on me. I feel a lot better about it since rough hewn walls in bedrooms are so trendy right now.

All of the trim and the ceiling will be white.

We'll be paining the remaining walls Harbor Blue from CIL. (would be Harbour here in Canada. The "u" makes it look better I think...). As usual this is looking a little washed out. In person it's a little deeper. I'm trying to tie the colours in the living room and dining room into this room a little. More blue, more white, less green in this room.

The plan is to be finished everything by Saturday night/Sunday morning. Wish me luck! And stay tuned for the official "after" photos!



  1. I love that cedar wall! Reminds me of the Ace Hotel...not that they had any cedar walls but it would look great in an architectural/minimalist modern style. Are you painting the Boy's furniture?

  2. Melissa - I'm not much of a minimalist, so I'm trying to counter-balance the roughness of the cedar with some sparkly glam accessories and lots of white.
    No, I am not painting The Boy's furniture. Like many men, he is very much opposed to painting wood. So they will stay as is. *sigh* Wouldn't they look good in white though? ;)



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