Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Prep Week

As of yesterday I'm back to work stage managing. *happy dance ensues!*

The first week of any stage managing contract begins the week before rehearsals begin: Prep Week.
During Prep Week the Production Team (Director, Stage Managers, Designers etc..) all well...prep for the rehearsal period, tech week (where we move from the rehearsal hall into the theatre) and subsequently the performance run.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon meeting with the Stage Manager (I'm apprenticing on this contract) to go over our massive "To Do" list for this week, sorting through rehearsal supplies (first aid kit, coffee supplies etc...) and  touching base with office staff. I also attended our first production meeting yesterday.

Today was spent putting together my Prompt Book. This book is the stage managers bible. It contains the script and all of the important technical information we need to make sure rehearsals run smoothly (this is the stage managers number one job!). So I've been chained to my computer and printer, photocopying my script and formatting paper work.

The current state of my dining room table. It will look like this all week...actually it just gets messier and messier! lol!

I really enjoy Prep Week. It's kinda like getting ready for the first day of school. New supplies, new people, old friends and that enthusiastic feeling you get when embarking on a new project! This is part of the reason I love working in theatre so much, by the time I'm tired of a job it's just about over and the excitement of the new one approaching fills me with renewed energy! 

I'm currently working for Winnipeg Jewish Theatre on the Canadian Premier of Juan Mayorga's play Way to Heaven. Click the links for information about the play and company. If you live in Winnipeg, click here for information on reserving tickets. This one is not to be missed! Hope to see you there!


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