Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Hair Inspiration

I have been feeling so conflicted over my hair for the past few weeks. It's getting quite long (remember when it was this short?) and I've been feeling uninspired. I'm only wearing it two ways these days:

In a ponytail:

Or down, either naturally wavy:

Or curled:

I've been seriously considering getting some bangs cut. In the past I've regretted cutting my hair into bangs pretty quickly though. My hair is really curly in the front and it takes quite a bit of coaxing to get it to stay straight. And if they get wet at any time during the day my hairdo is ruined.

So I've been looking for some alternatives short of chopping all my hair off. I'm pretty attached to it, no pun intended, and would like it to be at least 3 inches longer.

So I've been surfing the net looking for some help.
In my opinion, vintage photographs can only offer so much inspiration. I'm a lazy girl. I want as much wow for as little effort as possible. And I hate sleeping in pin curls.

I was really lost until I had a better look at Casey's Elegant Musings. Until a few days ago I was not a follower, but would drop in occasionally through other blogs.

Well as it turns out, Casey and I have very similar hair and I feel head over heels in love with her hairstyles and tutorials.

Ok, enough talk, more pictures. Here are some of her hairstyles that I'll be giving a try:

I think I might just go in for a trim now and leave my hair as it is.


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