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Great Gift: The Bridal Emergency Kit

I am an uber organized individual. I love to be prepared for any emergency. That's why I think a Bridal Emergency Kit is a great shower gift for any Bride-to-Be. They have so many other things to think about and plan for that sometimes the tiny details are overlooked.

So what better way to give them a head start than starting them a kit for the big day!

I have made a few of these kits over the years and they never fail to be a crowd pleaser. The one I'll show you today was for The Boy's brother's fiancĂ© (let's call her D.). If The Boy and I were married she'd be my sister-in-law, but since we're not (but are as good as married in every other way), I guess she's kinda like my pseudo-sister-in-law...but now I'm just getting off track...

Back to the gift!

The greatest thing about these gifts is that you can go as elaborate as you want. The budget can also be incredibly flexible. I've spent as much as $70 dollars on one of these kits and as little as $20.

Start with a bag. I bought this one at the Dollarstore. I like to buy a bag that is pretty and can be used again. Try to think about the Bride's sense of style. Do you know her wedding colours? The vibe of her wedding? This can be helpful as this bag will be around on the big day.

D. is a non-nonsense kinda girl with modern, down to earth style. I loved the bold stripe on this bag and the long handles. It also features a zip top to keep all the goodies in.
I'm also a fan of custom labels, so I made the tag with some lime green card stock and some ribbon.

Here's what I included in the kit for D.

Here's the breakdown of what I've got here.

1. Band-aids in several sizes
2. Cough Drops
3. Mini Sticky Roller
4. Mini Hairspray
5. Hand Sanitizer
6. Hand Lotion
7. Lip Balm
8. Tums
9. Dental Floss
10. Emery Boards
11. Manicure Set. including two sizes of nail clippers, manicure scissors and tweezers
12. Sewing Kit. try to buy one with thread the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses.
13. Tampons and mini-pads
14. Kleenex
15. Q-tips
16. Hair Elastics tied with ribbon
17. Bobby Pins
18. Here's a close up of #18:

19. Gum. you could include mints instead if you'd like
20. Mini Mirror

I also included a small make-up case to store some of the smaller items. You could include several if you'd like.

When putting together a kit I try to think of any emergency that may occur and what would be needed to fix it quick. I've consulted other lists online in the past, but now that I've made a few of these I've got my own list stored on my computer.

When making these kits I also include a list of other items the Bride may want to include in the kit on the big day. I think this is an important part of the gift for two reasons.
1. I don't have the bride's make-up, deodorant, contact solution or nail polish. She will want these with her on the big day.
2. If funds for the gift are a little low, you can also include items that may break the bank on here that the Bride can choose to add if she likes.

Here's a close up of that list for you:

This card was super easy to make. I found the bride and groom clip art free online, typed up a list, printed it out and glued in onto some more card stock.

Voila! A great gift for any Bride!


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  1. WHat a great idea! You are very thoughtful to think of such a useful thing! I am so disorganised that if I was a bride, I'd definitely need a friend to make me one of these or I'd forget everything!


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